fem tusen og fem – Radio Edition


Sound piece (29 min)

Cover photo: Leif Pareli. LLH Bergen og Hordaland, Skeivt Arkiv

fem tusen og fem is a series of fanzines originally conceived in 2021 for a Hordaland Kunstsenter commission. In close collaboration with members from the local queer community and Skeivt Arkiv (the Norwegian national archive for LGBTQ+ history), fem tusen og fem explores the queer history of the Nordnes neighbourhood, where the arts centre is located [for more information on the fanzines, please see  fem tusen og fem].

fem tusen og fem – Radio Edition is a radiophonic translation of the fanzines and it reflects on what it means to be part of Norway’s queer community. This 30-minute collage of current and archival queer voices – with recorded sounds from Skeivt Arkiv – was commissioned by RUMMUR_radio for the Resonating Nordnes programme of Borealis, a festival for experimental music.

Archival sounds: excerpts from an interview with Kim Friele, drums and speeches from Bergen Pride, and the jubilee from HBB – the Gay Movement in Bergen organisation

Voices: Tine Adler, Isak Bradley, Joakim Eide, Inish, Kaeto Sweeney and Nayara Leite

Song: Maria Sapatão by João Roberto Kelly

Mentor: Jenny Berger Myhre

Mix: Njål Paulsberg

Click here to listen to the sound piece

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