So what?


Performance (15 min), typewriter, A4 paper 

Documentation photos: Sofie Hviid Vinther and Nayara Leite

In the same week that Brazil had officialy reached 5000 deaths from COVID-19, president Jair Bolsonaro used an infamous ‘So what?’ when asked by a reporter what were his thoughts about it.

For this piece, performed at Galleri Flig in May, 2020, I repeated the following statement: “More than 5000 Brazilians lost their lives to the corona virus. ‘So what?’, president Bolsonaro said.” At the same time, I wrote the words ‘So what?’ on a typewriter. The performance finished when I filled up an A4 sheet. The typewriter, together with the sheet, then became a sculptural piece at the gallery.

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